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War Box - Ultimate Battles/Lost Diggers/World in Conflict

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War Box - Ultimate Battles/Lost Diggers/World in Conflict

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War Box - Ultimate Battles/Lost Diggers/World in Conflict War box features 13 dvd’s full of documentary about warefare from Alexander the great to Desert Storm The Lost Diggers of Fromelles On the night of July 19, 1916, 5,533 Australian soldiers were killed, wounded or went missing, more than the total of casualties in the Boer, Korean and Vietnam wars combined. In an astonishing recent discovery, 250 soldiers from the battle, mostly Australian, were found in unmarked mass graves in Northern France.This is an exclusive, behind the scenes story of the largest excavation of World War One dead in modern times. World in Conflict 1900 to 1999 10 episodes featuring a century of warfare starting with the Boxer rebellion in China and ending in the war in Kosovo Ultimate Battles examine the great battles Alexander The Great a twenty-two-year-old king in one decisive victory, topples the mighty Persian Empire. Waterloo final stand - and ultimate defeat of - one of history's greatest military geniuses: Napoleon Bonaparte. The Battle of the Bulge one of the most pivotal military engagements of World War II Broadside look at the wars between the English and the Dutch for control of the Oceans trade routes and colonies. Hitler to Hiroshima cover the History and Politics of World War 2 D-Day the Shortest Day covers the both planning and preparation for and the actual Invasion.

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