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Price as configured: $19.95

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Ultimate Battles - Waterloo (DVD)
D-Day The Shortest Day (DVD)
RFK Must Die: The Assassination Of Bobby Kennedy (DVD)
Indonesia: A Reporters Journey (DVD)

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Shot in High Definition, the documentary Ultimate Battles: Waterloo examines the final stand - and ultimate defeat of - one of history's greatest military geniuses: Napoleon Bonaparte.

Through the use of cutting-edge computer-generated effects, exquisitely detailed re-creations and interviews with noted historians, Ultimate Battles: Waterloo highlights how a brutal one-day clash between 200,000 combatants forever altered the course of the European continent and the world itself.

"Life" said the survivors, "was never quite the same again, after June 6th 1944" With testimony from the UK, the US, the Commonwealth and Germany, THE SHORTEST DAY documents the meticulous planning leading up to the world's biggest amphibious invasion, the terror and triumph of the landings and the bitterness of the fighting in the days that followed. It also records one of the campaign's worst atrocities that cost the lives of 20 Canadian troops and the impact on the men who unearthed the war crime.

The remarkable true events that inspired the Golden Globe nominated film Bobby.

On June 5, 1968, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was slain in Los Angeles at the Ambassador Hotel. Charged with the assassination is Sirhan Sirhan, a 24 year old Palestinian whose notebooks repeatedly declared "RFK MUST DIE". But Sirhan has never been able to remember the shooting and investigatory oversights leave many questions unanswered.

A world authority on hypnosis Dr Herbert Spiegel believes he was hypnotically programmed to kill Kennedy. Not one witness saw Sirhan's gun an inch from Kennedy's right ear, suggesting a second gunman was involved. New audio evidence also proves at least ten shots were fired that night - Sirhan's gun only held eight and newly discovered film and photographs appear to show three senior CIA operatives at the crime scene, suggesting the CIA was behind the assassination.

Writer-director Shane O'Sullivan, highly sceptical of the official report, conducted his own exhaustive investigation. Through exclusive interviews with eyewitnesses, investigators and survivors of the assassination as well as rare archival footage and a wealth of expert testimony, this disturbing documentary sheds new light on the murder of one of America's most beloved politicians.

Today, Sirhan is still in the same California prison as Charles Manson, with no imminent hope of parole. This new feature documentary thoroughly investigates one of America's most bizarre and enduring murder mysteries.

Australia's relationship with its enormous, vastly populated northern neighbour is complex. In an engaging, heartfelt and accessible style Indonesia: A Reporter's Journey follows respected Australian journalist Mike Carlton as he explores the historical relationship between Australia and Indonesia through a contemporary prism.

East Timor, the Asian tsunami, the Bali and Jakarta bombings, asylum seekers, the Bali Nine and other recent high profile court cases...it seems Australians have heard more about Indonesia in the past few years than ever before. But the story of these two radically different nations on each other's doorsteps has always been dramatic - and complex - from the earliest trading connections, the shared battles of WWII, confrontations during the Cold War, the prosperity and corruption of the Suharto dictatorship and the complexity of balancing our respective national interests regarding East Timor.

Journalist and radio broadcaster Mike Carlton was a foreign correspondent for the ABC in Indonesia in the late 1960s and has maintained a keen interest in events there since. Mike meets with former colleagues, old friends, politicians, officials and ordinary folk who have a direct and emotional connection to the key events that have shaped the Australian-Indonesian relationship.

This three-part series takes the historical and contemporary pulse of both nations and finds an enormous amount of goodwill and good humour to outweigh the fear and misunderstanding.

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