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The Sinking of Japan (DVD)

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The Sinking of Japan (DVD)

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When Sakyo Komatsu’s novel, “Japan Sinks” hit the bookstores in March 1973, it became an instant bestseller, a social and cultural phenomenon that has ingrained itself to the national psyche.
33 years later director Shinji Higuchi resuscitates Japan’s legendary equivalent of the “War of the Worlds”, against a contemporary backdrop with an all-star cast, a $25 million production and some of Japan’s most acclaimed visual effects artists. The result is a blockbuster movie of historic proportions infused with state of the art CGI and superb casting to rival such iconic disaster films as ‘Day After Tomorrow’, and ‘Independence Day’.
Japan has just received its death sentence. In less than a year the island nation will sink! Earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions roil the country, leaving millions dead and stranded. Japan’s only hope lies with one plan…and one man. To save his country and the woman he loves, a submarine pilot must make the ultimate sacrifice!
Experience on film an unprecedented natural disaster with all the realism and devastating force that is all too familiar to the people of Japan.
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Region Code: Region 4 PAL

Release Date: 2010-06-01

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