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Girls in Prison (DVD)

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Girls in Prison (DVD)

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Sentenced to prison for her part in a bank heist, 21 year-old Anne Carson finds herself locked up in a cell with three deceptively beautiful inmates; Jenny, a prison hardened hellcat, the manipulative sweet-talking Malanee and the mentally unstable Dorothy. But when word spreads that Anne may be the only person with knowledge of the whereabouts of the stolen loot, she becomes a target for every glamorously manicured prison-bitch locked up in the big-house. With her pleas of innocence falling on deaf ears, the only ally Anne can find is the prison Chaplin, whose own motives are as murky as the storm clouds overhead. And with dangers mounting around every corner, no-one could anticipate the shocking earthquake that will change their lives forever.

Region Code: Region 0 PAL

Release Date: 2008-01-08

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