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3Dollar-TV-series - Hitler To Hiroshima (DVD)- World War II in a fresh, dramatic, captivating presentation

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Hitler To Hiroshima (DVD)

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The designs of tyranny matched by the will for freedom. This NEW 4-hour Mini-Series delivers World War II in a fresh, dramatic, captivating presentation of this epic struggle like viewers have not seen before. The producers spent 5 years researching and collating archival footage from non-traditional sources to create a unique approach to the horrifying drama of the Axis Powers’ tyrannical campaign to enslave peoples around the globe. From Hitler’s slow subjugation of the European continent to his obsession with conquering Russia and Great Britain, from his assaults on France and then Italy to the gruelling ground wars in the low countries and then of the other side as the Allies race across France to reach German and extinguish the fire of Nazism. From Hitler to Hiroshima. The beginning and the end. DISC 1 The European Theatre of WWII from the rise of Hitler, the move into Austria and then battle- by-battle from Dunkirk to the Battle of the Bulge, until finally, Victory in Europe. DISC 2 The Pacific Theatre from Pearl Harbour to the bombing of Hiroshima and all the incredible battles in between including selected rare footage such as the downing of the airplane frown by Japan’s to General.

Region Code: Region 0 PAL

Release Date: 2008-01-10

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