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Dollar-a-Disk - Traces of A Dragon - Jackie Chan And His Lost Family (DVD)

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Traces of A Dragon - Jackie Chan And His Lost Family (DVD)

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The world knows him as Jackie Chan. The official record gives his birth name as Chan Kong-Sang. His Chinese fans know him by the stage name Shing Long; meaning 'Becoming the Dragon'. But in 2001 Jackie Chan found out from his father that his real name is Fang Shilong and that the parents he thought he knew had kept secret a past filled with espionage, smuggling and drug running. The story his father told was one that reached from the brutal oppression of China's Cultural Revolution to the streets of Imperial Hong Kong and to the streets of Canberra, Australia's capital city.But these remarkable revelations also bought into the light a hidden family history, a chronicle of lives scarred by war, poverty and separation.Traces of a Dragon explores this emotionally charged history which underlies Jackie Chan's reaction to the astonishing discovery that he has two half-brothers, victimized under China's oppressive rule, who he has never met. It's the story of one Chinese family, but it mirrors the fates of countless other Chinese families throughout the 20th century.

Special Features:
  • Jackie Chan Interview Excerpt
  • Jackie Chan Filmography
  • Directors Biography
  • Gallery

Region Code: Region 0 PAL

Release Date: 2006-08-11

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