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Rodney's Robot Revolution (DVD)

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Rodney's Robot Revolution (DVD)

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A nail-biting journey to build the World’s most sophisticated ROBOT in just five months.

For nearly a century, science fiction has heralded a world where robots live alongside humans. For scientists, the reality has been much harder to achieve – but pioneers, such as the charismatic Australian-born scientist Rodney Brooks, are making vast scientific leaps toward the integration of mind and machine.

As former head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, Professor Brooks ambition is to do with robots what Bill Gates did to the computer – to make them so affordable and personal that they will become commonplace at home and in the workplace.

But first Brooks must build the Pentagon a robot with the dexterity and perceptual insights to challenge a human in an ancient Chinese board game. With only five months to build it from scratch, tensions run high as the team battle unforeseen and unpredictable problems in creating such a complex social robot.

Robot Revolution is a fascinating journey inside one of the greatest minds and robot labs in the world; a precursor to a future of technological marvels and ethical conundrums that waits for us just around the corner.

Region Code: Region 0 PAL

Release Date: 2009-01-05

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