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Who Killed Nancy?

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Who Killed Nancy?

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12th October 1978. Room 100, the Chelsea Hotel - a faded 19th century façade masking, a clientele of junkies. The floor of the tiny en-suite bathroom is covered in blood. And, slumped between the toilet and the sink is the body of a woman, peroxide blonde in black bra and panties. She is Nancy Spungen, a twenty year old, heroin addicted, former stripper, prostitute and groupie. She also has the accolade of being Sid Vicious’ girlfriend, to add to her crimes!

A trail of blood leads to the bedroom where an NYPD detective - watched by his partner and six uniform officers - is slapping the aforementioned Sid, until minutes ago out cold on a concoction of drugs that might have killed a horse, across the face. He comes round. And seeing he’s got an audience, gives way to bravado: “Go on, arrest me. I’m a dog, a dirty dog. I did it and I deserve everything I get, shoot me, kill me!”

Sid was arrested and charged with the murder but the case never came to trial and many questions remained unanswered. His guilt unproven and his innocence proclaimed. Alan G Parker sets out on his journey to discover the truth.
Based on the best-selling book ‘Sid Vicious: No One Is Innocent’, this documentary follows the turbulent and tragic journey of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

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