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Paul McCartney Really Is Dead (DVD) - Was Paul McCartney killed in a car crash in November 1966 and replaced with a double!?

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Paul McCartney Really Is Dead (DVD)

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Until now, the “Paul is Dead” mystery that exploded worldwide in 1969 was considered a hoax. However, in this film, the voice on the tape reveals a secret Beatles history, chronicling McCartney’s fatal accident, the cover up, and dozens of unknown clues, exposing “Paul McCartney” as an impostor!

Was Paul McCartney killed in a car crash in November 1966 and replaced with a double!?

Did MI5 cover up the deal to prevent mass suicides of Beatle fans?

Did the remaining Beatles try to signal fans with clues on album covers and in songs?

Was John Lennon assassinated in 1980 after he threatened to finally expose “Paul McCartney” as an imposter?

Highway 61 Entertainment has investigated this stunning new account of the conspiracy to hide McCartney’s tragic death and produced this unauthorised documentary which includes newly unearthed evidence. The mysterious voice on the audio tapes [George Harrison?] narrates the entire film in what may prove to be the most important document in rock and roll history, leaving you to decide if PAUL MCCARTNEY REALLY IS DEAD!

You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to really enjoy watching this film. It’s jam packed with information and you'll want to watch it again and again. The sheer number of “clues” is astonishing and will leave even the biggest cynic wondering what to believe. The film is also loaded with great Beatles footage and is a must see for any Beatles fan.

Region Code: Region 0 PAL

Release Date: 2010-03-11

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