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Hollywood Singing and Dancing (DVD Boxset)

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Hollywood Singing & Dancing

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Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History is the most entertaining and comprehensive film about the Hollywood musical ever produced. Hosted by Academy Award winning stage, screen and television icon, Shirley Jones, it is a wonderfully entertaining historical document illustrated by extraordinary clips and fabulous interviews.

Chronicling America's love affair with showstoppers and chorus lines, this celebration of song and dance in the movies includes the best films from every studio and every decade, with some of the most important and influential stars and many of the greatest scenes ever filmed. Beginning with the first musicals in the Busby Berkeley era, it traces the genre from The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me In St Louis, and Singin’ In The Rain through to the Academy Award®-winning Chicago and the highly acclaimed box office hits Grease, Dreamgirls and Hairspray.

New and exclusive interviews with Liza Minnelli, Shirley MacLaine, Mickey Rooney, Rita Moreno, Debbie Reynolds, Leslie Caron among many others add insight and revealing behind-the-scenes commentary about these cinematic masterpieces. Rarely seen footage and vintage interviews with such legendary luminaries as Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Vincent Minnelli help us understand the creative process that made their films into works of art. Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History is a grand historical look at the magic that is Hollywood.


The 1920s The 1920s was a time of great change in Hollywood, and this program tells the story of the advent of sound technology for movies and the emergence of 'talkies' and musicals in Hollywood. While audiences cried out for more, the movie industry struggled to adapt to the strange new technology. The result was an explosion of movie musicals by the end of the decade.

The 1930s It's been said that America has given the world two thoroughly original art forms: jazz and the movie musical. The 1930s saw the newly born genre of the Hollywood musical bloom with artistry and variety never before imagined.

The 1940s Over 550 movie musicals were produced during the 1940s, quite an accomplishment for a country caught in the turmoil of World War II. Through revealing interviews and dozens of clips, this DVD rediscover a golden age of the movies. MGM emerged as the leader in musical entertainment with produces like Arthur Freed and directors like Vincente Minnelli and Stanley Donen putting a unique stamp of distinction upon their works.

The 1950s During the 1950s, musical masterpieces that have yet to be equaled were produced in Cinemascope with stereophonic sound. This DVD explores how the post-war years were alive with bold experimentation in musical film. Later in the decade, Rock & Roll became the musical choice of the younger generation and movie musicals followed suit.

The 1960s The demise of the once powerful Hollywood studio system and the rise of independent filmmakers brought a different kind of realism to the movies of the 1960s. Although lavish productions such as "West Side Story" and "My Fair Lady" were triumphant at the box office, as the 1960s progressed Hollywood musicals reflected the changing tide and embraced rock and roll music. These two episodes explore the movie musical during this turbulent decade.

The 1970s Musicals of the 1970's were a combustible combination of Liza Minnelli, John Travolta, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," The Ramones and Disco music. The happy endings and lighthearted dance numbers that highlighted glamorous gams was becoming a thing of the past, unless those gams belonged to a transvestite from another galaxy.

The 1980s & 1990s In the 1980s MTV helped to change the role music played in the movies. In the '90s the Hollywood musical was largely animated, rather than live action. However, television had a surprising number of musical offerings, including "Gypsy" with Bette Midler and "Annie" where director Rob Marshall earned his wings.

The 2000s
Musicals came roaring back in the 2000s starting with "Moulin Rouge" and carrying on with "Chicago," "Dreamgirls" and "Hairspray." It seems the musical is once again geared to take a new generation under its wing and soar to new heights!

Region Code: Region 0 PAL

Release Date: 2011-06-04

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