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Concrete Canvas - The Complete TV Series (2 DVD)

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Concrete Canvas - The Complete TV Series (2 DVD)

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Concrete Canvas is a ten part series following internationally renowned pavement artist Julian Beever around the world as he creates his unique 3D chalk drawings. A true master of his art, Julian has become a global phenomenon after his trompe l’oeil works appeared on the internet, wowing a global audience of art lovers.
In ten different cities and with ten different drawings, Julian reveals the secrets of creating his anamorphic illusions which appear to defy the laws of perspective. He then goes underground with street artists in each location, discovering the unexpected, innovative urban art being created in inner cities around the globe.
From stenciling and wheat-pasting to installations and murals, Concrete Canvas profiles artists who are using the streets as their galleries, and delivering art to the masses.
– London
– Stockholm
– Berlin
– Amsterdam
– New York
– Paris
– San Francisco
– Mexico City
– Los Angeles

Region Code: Region 0 PAL

Release Date: 2009-02-09

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