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Dollar-a-Disk - Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (DVD)

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Barry McKenzie Hold His Own (DVD)

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The plot consists of Dame Edna being mistaken for the Queen by Count Erich Von Plasma, a transylvanian vampire and head of a Stalinist state which has no tourist industry. He hopes by kidnapping the queen he will be able to attract tourists.

Edna's nephew Barry and his chums (including a permanently intoxicated Clive James) have to travel into darkest Transylvania (on Vamp-Air) to rescue her. Once Plasma discovers she is Dame Edna and that Norm of Melbourne is not a codename for Prince Phillip, he puts her onto his patent vampometer and is rapidly building up his collection of Chateau Everage.

In the course of this film there are numerous sight gags and sub plots most of which are either racist, sexist or both. The French and the Poms are the main targets, although a scene involving a van loan of illegal immigrants and a DHSS office would not be tolerated if it were filmed today.

Special Features:
Audio Commentary by Barry Crocker
'Barry Humphries Gives Us The Good Oil' Interview Featurette
Behind The Scenes Footage
'Barry McKenzie - Ogre Or Ocker' 1974 Documentary
Teaser Trailers
TV Spots
Bazzaism Subtitles

Region Code: Region 4 PAL

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